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UPDATEPlease see part two of this blog post for an updated version that creates a auto summary slides for PowerPoint 2010 with hyperlinks Download the Create. Creating Custom Images in PowerPoint 2010. Arduino Mini Usb Serial Adapter. PowerPoint 2010 has several advanced features that allow you do work with shapes and clip art. By default, these features. How Recover an Unsaved Power. Point 2. 01. 0 File. Ooops. I just closed the PPTX file I was working on that I hadnt saved in a few hours. Stockphoto Thinkstock. Youve been working tirelessly on a presentation. The creativity is flowing, youre in a groove, and youre masterfully pulling together what will be an epic Power. Version Powerpoint 2010' title='Version Powerpoint 2010' />Point presentation. For whatever reason as you juggle various files on your desktop, a part of your brain cramps up and you accidentally close without saving your presentation. This may never have happened to you, but it has happened to me a few times, including last Friday. I was building a product demo presentation in Power. Point, and I was incorporating multiple screenshot images from Photoshop. With multiple Power. Point files and applications open on my desktop, I stared briefly at a window that I thought was an image I had already captured and cropped in Photoshop. I closed the Photoshop file, and then looked for my main Power. Point file. To my disappointment, I realized I had just closed my Power. Point presentation. Then my mind raced back to when I had last saved the file surely I hadnt been that stupid and had saved it recently. Right Right To my horror, I discovered I hadnt been diligently saving my presentation, and the last saved version was from a few hours ago. I had been in the zone previously, and now it was going to cost me dearly. Dont hit the panic button if youre using Power. Point 2. 01. 0 c i. Stockphoto Thinkstock. Panic started setting in because I really didnt have time to redo what I had already done. Nothing feels as unproductive and stupid as reproducing something I had already created once before, especially when it would take me 2 3 hours I didnt have. When your computer crashes or is unexpectedly interrupted, Microsoft displays recovered files when you restart Power. Point. However, in this case the software wouldnt know that user error had caused me to lose the most recent version of my Power. Point file. I then thought if Power. Points Auto. Recover feature is saving a temporary file of my presentations for when something unexpected happens, a more recent version of my presentation must be sitting somewhere on my computer. If I could just find it, a personal crisis would be averted. Steps to recover a previously saved file in Power. Point 2. 01. 0Step 1 The first thing you need to confirm is that you have Auto. Recover enabled. If Power. Points Auto. Recover feature has been disabled, youre royally screwed sorry. Go to File Options and a pop up Options menu window will appear. Then go to the Save tab. Within the Save tab under the Save Presentations section at the top of the window, youll see some different Auto. Recover options. Hopefully, you have the two options below enabled they should be by default in Power. Point 2. 01. 0. By default you should have these two options checked. Step 2 In this same window, youll see that Power. Point tells you where it saves the Auto. Recover files on your computer. Now you know where to find a more recently saved version of your PPT file. To find these files, I went to my local disk C drive and then followed the folder structure listed below. I cant recall if some of these folders are hidden so heres a link to how to unhide folders in Windows 7 and Windows XP. Look for a folder that contains the name of your Power. Point file and open that folder to find the most recently saved version of your presentation. This folder looks like the presentation I was working on. Theres the temporary file I need, saved 1. Senator Of Mind Control more. Steps to recover a new file in Power. Point 2. 01. 0If youre working on a new Power. Point file that you never saved before such as a presentation from an email attachment, theres a slightly different and easier approach for recovering those files. In Power. Point 2. File Recent and at the very bottom right youll see a link for Recover Unsaved Presentations, which will take you to a folder with Power. Point files that were never saved when the files were closed. If you didnt know it was there, youd probably never see the link. Note These files are temporary and will be deleted from your computer if you dont retrieve them promptly. Time Warner Cable Box Scientific Atlanta Manual there. I couldnt find any information on how long you have to grab the files, but assume you have 2 3 days max. Happy Endings. Hooray I dont have to spend even more time in Power. Point c i. Stockphoto Thinkstock. The first method worked for me, and I was able to recover all of the work I had lost. I wanted to share this tip in the hope that it helps other people who find themselves in the same situation as me or may find themselves in the same situation in the future. There is hope This new feature only applies to Power. Point 2. 01. 0 so while my heart goes out to you if you have a previous version, I dont have any tips for the same situation with Power. Point 2. 00. 7 or 2. It appears the temporary files for those versions were limited to only recovery situations where your system crashed unexpectedly and not user error situations. Its a good thing I only recently started making user errors in Power. Point 2. 01. 0 and never in the other versionsVisited 6. Tags autorecover, Power. Point 2. 01. 0, recover, unsaved.

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