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Formula One video games Wikipedia. Ever since Pole Position in 1. Formula One has always played a part of the racing genre in video games. Geoff Crammonds 1. Grand Prix played an integral role in moving Formula One games from arcade games to being full simulations of the sport. Early roots and arcade gameseditThe roots of Formula One games can be traced back to the 1. Gran Trak 1. 0 which depicted F1 like cars going on a race track. La Formule 1, communment abrge en F1, est une discipline de sport automobile considre comme la catgorie reine de ce sport. Elle a pris au fil des ans une. F1_2012_Demo_Screenshots_Xbox_360_10.jpg' alt='Rfactor F1 2012 Codemasters' title='Rfactor F1 2012 Codemasters' />Rfactor F1 2012 CodemastersHowever, the first successful Formula One game in arcade history was Pole Position, by Namco. In Pole Position, the player has to complete a lap in a certain amount of time in order to qualify for a race at the Fuji racetrack. After qualifying, the player had to face other cars in a championship race. The game was very successful and it spawned an official sequel, Pole Position II, and an unofficial one, Final Lap. After the success of Pole Position, many similar games appeared in arcades and later ported to home computers such as TX 1. During the late 1. Late successful arcade games can be considered Super Sprint, which uses the top view instead of the rear view of most games, and its sequel Championship Sprint. Dawn of the home computer eraeditThe first true Formula One racing simulators were Chequered Flag and Geoff Crammonds Formula One Grand Prix F1. GP. Chequered Flag featured fuel depletion and car damage, and a set of several real circuits. Previously, most racing games representing Formula One, such as Accolades Grand Prix Circuit and Electronic Arts Ferrari Formula One, had been arcade style games, but F1. GP paid more attention to the physics of the cars, in addition to innovative graphics and accurate rendering of the actual racing tracks. The game, released in 1. Over the years, the game had sequels Grand Prix 2, 3, and 4 based on 1. The F1 official license was also held by Ubisoft and later transferred to Electronic Arts, which created seasonal simulations and also F1 Challenge 1. A notable place on PC simulation games is held by PapyrusGrand Prix Legends, which depicted the 1. Formula One season instead of the then current season, like all other contemporaries. Sim simulated racing is the collective term for computer software that attempts to accurately simulate auto racing, complete with realworld variables such as fuel. Finding the sweet spot between cheap vibration gimmicks and expensive traditional motion hexapods is the challenge DBOX solved for you. Affordable and easy to. The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 is designed and engineered to be the most advanced professional consumer platform on the market and based on feedback we. It recreates in a very accurate way the physics of the car and the feel of driving a real 1. Formula One racer for this, even after many years, it is still considered one of the most realistic games ever made. The game still has a vast popularity among video gamers, with many mods and original circuits being produced. Console gamingeditBeginning from the second part of the 1. Most of these games featured racetracks, cars and driver names similar to the real ones, but all modified slightly, since they did not have official licenses from FIA. NB7DZ4/TntRfou-SwI/AAAAAAAAKP0/_mcLsU3WMrY/s1600/4.jpg' alt='Rfactor F1 2012 Codemasters' title='Rfactor F1 2012 Codemasters' />Examples of this are Super Monaco GP and its sequel Ayrton Sennas Super Monaco GP II, which had a license to display only Ayrton Sennas name or Nigel Mansells World Championship, but many other less known games had similar features. The first half of the 1. Formula One games, and many software houses began acquiring licences and display most real names and cars, for example Formula One by Domark, which featured most real tracks, drivers and teams. The 3. D graphics revolution started by Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix did not go unnoticed by the console market some software houses began developing games in this style like Sega with its Virtua Racing, and later Namco with Ace Driver Victory Lap which featured futuristic, F1 like cars. The first 3. D game to feature a full license was Formula 1, developed by Bizarre Creations and released on Play. Station, the first game of the successful Formula One series. Despite the game being a mostly arcade game rather than a simulation, it was very well received later the series moved towards a more realistic race approach. Other Formula One games released around the same time include EA Sports F1 Series and Video SystemNintendos F 1 World Grand Prix and F 1 World Grand Prix II. While Formula One games in general are strict reproductions of the sport regardless of gameplay style, Codemasters F1 Race Stars was the first to bring Mario Kart style gameplay to the setting, while their official license from FIA which the company has held since 2. Modern PC simulatorseditAs the trend towards open source software has increased, developers have realised that many video games users like to add their own features to the games, and many modern PC racing games have become easier to mod. Games such as r. Factor, although not primarily a Formula One game, have become somewhat of a development stage. Factor players can download several mods for various F1 seasons, including classic seasons such as 1. The games makers, Image Space Incorporated, have worked with the BMW Sauber F1 team to introduce a realistic version of both the F1. F1. 0. 7. Sony had held an exclusive license to make Formula One games from 2. Before that it was held by Electronic Arts and before that it was Microprose and the Grand Prix series. It is now held by Codemasters, who have released games based around the 2. F1 seasons. PS2 and PS3editAfter Formula 1 was released on Play. Station PS1, F1 games were then taken over by Play. Station 2 PS2 and Xbox. The first being Formula One 2. PS2, and PS1. In 2. EA Sports released a video game called F1 Career Challenge for PS2 and Xbox which runs from the 1. F1 season with all drivers from each season. In 2. 00. 3, Grand Prix Challenge was released by Melbourne House and published by Atari. It was well received by critics. Although unknown by the most F1 gaming fans, it was praised for high quality graphics for its time. After Formula One 0. PS2, Sony Computer Entertainment and Studio Liverpool released a new version for the Play. Station 3 in early 2. Formula One Championship Edition. Codemasters has released Formula One racing games for the 2. Play. Station 3. Xbox 3. Codemasters after securing the Licence in 2. F1 2. 01. 0 which was released on the Xbox 3. This is based on the 2. The game was released in September 2. PC and Play. Station 3. A sequel to the game F1 2. September 2. 01. 1 and was updated to feature the new drivers and circuits in the 2. Formula One season, upon which the game was based. The game was initially available for Xbox 3. PC, Play. Station 3 and Play. Station Vita. In November 2. Nintendo 3. DS. PC modseditIn most PC racing games like r. Factor, Grand Prix 4 and F1 Challenge 9. Formula One. A list of Formula One video games that lists only those uses the F1 name, whether it is licensed by the Formula One Group or just F1 in name is licensed by racing drivers and teams involved within the series otherwise featuring sprites that resemble a Formula One car in a way to get around licensing, featuring deliberately misspelt driver and team names is named after a Grand Prix race that appear in the F1 calendar or those that features races that appear in the F1 calendar. Platforms. Release Date. Developer Publisher. Formula 1 Season. F 134Arcade. Atari. No License. Monza GP56Arcade. Olympia. No License. Monaco GPArcade, SG 1. Gremlin Industries Sega. No License. Pro Monaco GP ,7Arcade. Sega. No License. Monte Carlo89Arcade. Atari. No License. Michael Wong Fairy Tale Violin. Turbo. Arcade, Intellivision, Colecovision. Sega. No License. Pole Position. Arcade. Download Super Mario Bros Playstation 1 Nes Rom Games more. Namco Atari. No License. Brands Deluxe1. 0C6. Alligata. No License. Grand Prix1. 1C6. MRHNo License. Grand Prix1. C6. 41. 98. 3C. R. Wright. No License. Chequered Flag. ZX Spectrum. Steve Kelly. No License. Pole Position IIArcade, Atari 7. Commodore 6. 41. 98.

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