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Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed Chart

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Critical Keys to Increasing Driver Distance. What golfer isnt impressed by the driver distance of tour playersBut what about us mere mortals with our 6. The number one thing that keeps all of us from hitting the ball farther is the physics of impact, otherwise translated to mean if you dont have the swing speed, you cant hit the ball to the screen at the end of the practice range. But there are three things in a driver which, if matched and custom fit accurately to your swing, can bring about a good bit more distance. Critical Key 1. The LENGTH of your driver is critical. If you buy into the premise that the longer the driver, the longer the drive, you have just bought into a load of malarkey and youll be destined to a constant fight with your 1 wood. There is one and only one exception to this rule if you have a swing tempo that is as smooth as silk, an inside out to square swing path and if you have a late wrist cock release, you can get a few more yards with a longer driver length. Unfortunately, for most golfers those swing traits are rare which translates to mean a shorter driver length is better. The longer the length of the driver, the harder it is to consistently hit the ball on center and solid. KKXM_Charts.gif' alt='Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed Chart' title='Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed Chart' />Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed ChartGolf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed ChartIf you miss the sweet spot on the face of your driver by only a half inch, you just gave away some 5 of your potential distance. Windows Xp Professional With Service Pack 3 X86 Cd English. Miss it by a full inch and you lose 1. Standard length mens drivers today are between 4. Womens drivers are but 1 inch shorter. Now think about this the average driver length on the PGA Tour since 2. If the pros could hit a 4. Unless your swing is smooth as silk with a late release, tip number 1 is to be custom fit for the driver length that best matches your swing tempo, swing path release and golf athletic ability. Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed Chart' title='Golf Driver Shaft X Flex Swing Speed Chart' />Shaft weight and torque make a bigger difference than shaft flex. The general golfing public has been conditioned and educated that shaft flex is the endallbeall. Awardwinning design and engineering team utilized a uniquelydesigned, premium titanium clubface and preciselymatched graphite shaft to deliver superior results to. Shaft fitting guide and swing speed conversion chart. To ascertain exactly what shafts are best suited to your swing it would be ideal to have your swing measured by. Critical Key 2. For maximizing your driver distance is the LOFT angle on the face of your driver. If your swing speed is 9. If your swing speed is 8. And if you have a swing speed under 8. Critical Key 3. Total Weight and Swingweight of your driver is critical key 3. In other words, were talking about how much your driver weighs total weight, and of that weight, how much of it is in the head swingweight. The total weight and the headweight of your driver have to be matched to your physical strength, your swing tempo and your golfing athletic ability. Play with too light of a total weight or swingweight for your strength, tempo and ability and your percentage of off center hits increases. Addressing these three points for YOUR swing through proper custom clubfitting can only be done by an experienced custom clubmaker, so FIND A CLUBFITTER near you and you will see 1.

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