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Download Whatsapp Plus For Iphone Without Jailbreak

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DownloadWhatsappPlusForIphoneWithoutJailbreakTop 1. Whats. App Tricks and Tips for i. Phone. A billion people across the planet use Whats. App to communicate with their loved ones, friends, colleagues, and everyone in between. But while many of us use Whats. App, most of us havent even scratched the surface of this simple looking, but immensely feature rich communication app. Read on to find out how you can do a lot more with Whats. App and at the same time, make your life a little bit better by gaining more control over Whats. App. 1. Get Whats. App on Your PCIts finally possible to use Whats. App on your desktop and laptops. Although its not a fully fledged independent app, its still pretty good. The desktop Whats. App experience is limited to a website in your browser and youll need your phone to be present near the PC and connected to the internet. To get started, open web. PC. On your i. Phone, tap the Settings icon in the bottom row and select Whats. App Web. Youll now be asked to scan the QR code you see on the PC using the phones camera. Once its done, both devices will be connected and you can now send Whats. App messages via your PC. Stop Whats. App Media From Taking Over Your Camera Roll. Im sure youre part of at least one Whats. App group where everyone just keeps sharing videos and photos. Most of which you dont care about. You know, like the silly email forwards from a decade ago. The problem is that by default, Whats. App just downloads all media and saves it to your Camera Roll. So now your Photos app is bloated with images you dont care about. Looking for an easy way to backup and restore WhatsApp chat history on computer Backuptrans iPhone WhatsApp Transfer is a professional WhatsApp Messages manage. In one of the recent updates, Whats. App has finally added an option to stop this mess. Looking for a way to copy WhatsApp Chat Messages to computer or another phone Backuptrans Android iPhone WhatsApp Transfer is an Allinone Android iPhone WhatsApp. Want to install 2 instances of WhatsApp on one iPhone without jailbreak This trick lets you use multiple WhatsApp accounts each with a different phone. If youve been wondering about this whole PhoneSiri app integration business, I wholeheartedly recommend you download the new WhatsApp update and try. Tongbu for iOSiPhoneiPad to install paid apps for free. Tongbu App Download on iPadiPhone without jailbreak. Tongbu on iOS 99. OS 9. 310 on iOS 10. You can now disable auto media download on a per conversation and group basis. So feel free to go to each of those annoying groups, tap the name on the top, select Save Incoming Media and select Never. If you want to do this for all conversations, go to Chat Settings and turn off Save Incoming Media. Mute Conversations and Group Chats. Now that youve disabled the auto media downloading, its time to outright mute the conversations. To do this, swipe left on the conversation on the apps homescreen, tap More and select Mute. You can select between 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Go for 1 year. 4. Quick Reply Via Notificationsi. OSs native notifications allow you to reply to messages you receive in Whats. App without ever going to the app. When you get a notification on the Lock screen, just swipe left and tap the Reply button. This becomes really useful when youre in other apps and you get a Whats. App notification. Swipe down on the notification and youll see a text input area and a Send button. Type in the reply there. Share PDFs. Whats. App now lets you share PDFs youve stored in your i. Cloud account, in other apps or in cloud accounts like Dropbox. You can send PDFs to any conversation in multiple ways and to view the process in detail, checkout our article here. The simplest method is to go to the conversation in question, tap the Attach icon and select Share Document. Then select the source and the document in question. British Army Infantry Field Manual'>British Army Infantry Field Manual. Download-WhatsApp-Plus-Latest-apk-For-Android-or-iPhone-2017-Without-Root-Jailbreak.png' alt='Download Whatsapp Plus For Iphone Without Jailbreak' title='Download Whatsapp Plus For Iphone Without Jailbreak' />GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version, Download Whatsapp GB v6. GbWhatsapp plus 6. Android, GbMods Whatsapp Gb App free. Recover deletedlost WhatsApp chats, images and contacts on iPhoneiPad with iOS 111098 and Android phones 7. Download Whatsapp Plus For Iphone Without Jailbreak' title='Download Whatsapp Plus For Iphone Without Jailbreak' />Format Text as Bold, Italics or Strikethrough. Whats. App is still in the process of rolling out this update worldwide. But many users already have the feature for formatting text. Its simple enough. If you want to Bold some text, wrap it with asterisks. Use underscores for Italics and tilde for a strikethrough effect. Check When a Message Was Delivered and Read. When youre in a conversation, Whats. App shows those two blue check marks to show that your message was read. But what if you want more detailsLike when it was delivered and when it was read. And what if you want to know which of the members of the group have read your messageIts actually quite easy, although a bit hidden. Just swipe left on the message and a new page will all those details about the message will appear. Change Conversation Backgrounds. If youre bored with the default generic green wallpaper, youll be glad to know that you can change it to anything you like. You can choose from Whats. Apps library of wallpapers, a selection of solid colors or any photo from your Camera Roll. To change the conversation background, go to Settings, select Chats and then Chat Wallpaper. Youll also be able to preview wallpapers right there. Star Important Messages and View Them Later. Because we use Whats. App throughout the day, it can be easy to lose track of important messages. This is why you should use the Star feature to mark important messages. Just long press on any message and select the Star icon. To view starred messages, go to Settings and select Starred Messages. Use 3. D Touch For Quick Actions. If youve got a shiny new i. Phone 6s or i. Phone 6s Plus, youll be glad to know that Whats. Free Palin Personal Email Hack Programs. App supports 3. D Touch features like Quick Actions, Peek and Pop throughout the app. You can force touch on a conversation to quickly view its contents. The same goes for media. Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars Patch here. For me, the most useful are the Quick Actions. Force touching the Whats. App icon on the homescreen lets me directly jump to starred messages or take a photo and quickly send it to someone. These shortcuts are great timesavers. View Shared Link and Docs History. I find that I share a lot of links on Whats. App groups. So I was glad to know that Whats. App maintains a history of all the links shared in a conversation. Even the documents shared. To get there, tap the profile picture in a conversation and select Media, Links and Docs. Then from the top, tap on Links to see the entire list. Broadcast Messages. If you want to send a message to lots of people, without creating a group, you can use the Broadcast option. Tap Broadcast Lists in the top left from the Chats screen and then tap New List. After that, select the contacts, create the list, write the message and send it along. Make Sure i. Cloud Backup Is Enabled. You should always have backups. Whenever possible. Whats. App messages can be backed up to your i. Cloud account directly and automatically. All you have to do is turn on the feature from Settings Chats Chat Backup. Once in the i. Cloud backup section you can customize if you want to upload media as well. While were talking about backups, you should know that you can export individual conversations and email them to anyone. But this only works on a per conversation basis. Disable Last Seen and Read Receipts. Whats. App comes with pretty good privacy features. Go to Settings, Account and then Privacy. Here youll see the Last Seen button. Tap it and you can decide if everyone can see your last seen status, or nobody. From the same Privacy page you can turn off Read Receipts. Those blue checkmarks. But you should know that if you turn on read receipts, youll also disable viewing read receipts for all conversations. Block Annoying Users. To block a user, go to the conversation and tap their name or number from the top bar. Now scroll to the bottom till you find the Block this contact option. Tap it, confirm, and youre done. Find Out Just How Addicted to Whats. App You Are. Sometimes Whats. App usage can get a bit out of hand. If you want to know just how many messages youve exchanged across all your conversations or how much storage all the media is taking, go to Settings, select Account and tap Storage Usage. Customize Notification Sounds. While Whats. App on i. OS doesnt let you select a custom notification for each contact, you can choose a different notification tone and ringtone for Whats.

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